Parallels between DC and Honduras...

>> Monday, August 16, 2010

So you may read the title of this blog and wonder how DC could remind me of Honduras, which is what I will share with you. It is kinda crazy and I really want to go back to Honduras. Over the summer I just have noticed little things here in DC that make me miss Honduras. First of all, all house/buildings in Honduras have bars covering the windows, the same is true for the neighborhood I live in. Next, there are crazy drivers here, impatient as well, likewise in Honduras ha. The shopping center where the grocery store and home depot are, there are many Hispanics hanging out in groups just waiting for work. (I avoid this area by myself) Also, at the bank they have security officers standing outside, at least they don't have huge guns like they do in Honduras. Last, we had a summer camp here this summer and it reminded me of those kids in Honduras. Realizing that most of the kids don't come from the best backgrounds, 95 percent are supported through scholarships for the camp and that they need as much love as those kids in Honduras do. The thing I love here at Dance Place is the community and family feel. I have found the staff very supportive and willing to help people out in any circumstance. They really do their best to provide quality and affordable programs to the DC community. I just wish that the Lord had a place here. It is hard to explain how there is so much love given here but realizing that the Lord is not being glorified. These kids are learning great life skills, discipline, respect, receiving care and love but ultimately, eternally they are not learning what true love from the Lord can be. I have found that hard to deal with this summer working here and knowing the Spirit of the Lord isn't here. Thankfully, I have found a wonderful church here that has taught me so much and gave me refreshment and renewing every Sunday. I really will miss it. Luckily, they always put the videos of their sermons online :) You can check it out Also, the lead pastor has written a few books, once of which I got for free and I highly recommend. It is one of my favorite books I have ever read. It is called In a Pit with a Lion On a Snowy Day by Mark Batterson.


sleepinl8 April 12, 2011 at 4:47 PM  

Ooh, like the title of the book. Sounds intriguing. Despite my intolerance of the intense, year-round heat of Florida that i live with every day, I still have a desire to go the Central America and the Caribbean. I love the idea of a tropical, fruity place. Not to live there, but definitely vacation. And yes, I was indeed confused at first by this title of this post. You can be the bearer of good news to this community, spreading the news of the Lord and the satisfaction and ultimate love that he brings forth! Good luck!

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